Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Penny Gardner's Geography living books link

Here's a really neat Geography link I consult when I'm preparing for the next year's lessons.  Charlotte Mason had inspiring ideas about Geography that Penny Gardner has put on her website. Builder is going to be in 4th this year, and we're going to use Science Smart's Geography section (previously a whole book called Geography Crafts for Kids) plus History Odyssey maps, our Kingfisher Children's Atlas, our globe, and Google Earth to take us around the world in our history and literature adventures. Builder likes to play the games on Sheppard Software as well.  National Geographic as always has high quality content as well.

Geography is one of my pet subjects. I remember hours of playing Geography games with my parents. These are treasured memories. Ms. Mason had it right again when she said that Geography was an inspirational subject.

By no means an exhaustive list, this is just to jump start ideas on what constitutes a CM way of doing Geography.

Penny Gardner Geography Living Books

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