Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Danger of Complacency

Whatever endeavor we embark on, if we are astute enough, we will be aware and present. The commitment may be there in spirit, but many people are exhausted on both the work and home front. This coupled with the distractions of the latest technology leave us moving and thinking in auto pilot mode, doing the minimum and rationalizing this is enough. The screens are attractive because they offer an escape from our manic work world and oftentimes makes us forget our responsibilities, at least for a little while - or a collection of little whiles which amount to more than we'd like to admit.

However, to succeed, we need to reach beyond the boundaries of complacency and be willing to be uncomfortable, to focus our mental energies in producing that which will lead us to our aim. We need to believe our goals are not merely the stuff of fuzzy dreams but the realities of a planned set of behaviors which will lead us there.

As much as for myself as for those who are reading this, the cliché of stepping out of our comfort zone is not merely a saying but a truth. To really grab hold of our dreams and make them our realities we need to press the off switch to the auto-pilot mode and grab hold of the steering wheel to maneuver us there. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh, Paris.

Oh, Paris. Your heart must be broken. Your city violated as is your sense of security. I mourn with you the loss of life, the loss of human beings innocent and exuberant in living their lives. They were shot down within an agonizing half an hour, too terrible to contemplate, never to forget. I'm so sorry for your great loss, families of victims.

My heart hurts for all the people who survived and witnessed this horrific event, images indelibly but reluctantly etched in their memory. I pray they are not forgotten and properly taken care of in counseling sessions.

Paris, I only visited you for a few days nearly twenty years ago, but I remember you fondly. I wish your people strength as you face this faceless enemy and I pray you are protected as you go about your daily lives.

We stand by you.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Check out our Kickstarter Project: Hula Girls Art Book

It's been so busy around here I have hardly had time for this blog. My oldest son, who's 12, has recently started Band at the local public school where he's learning to play the clarinet. He's been invited to be in the Elite Band to play the keyboard and glockenspiel as well, which means he's away for two hours each morning! To top this off my youngest has started preschool in the afternoons. Luckily I've devised a crazy little schedule which will keep all our ducks in a row, or at least afloat!

The reason I haven't been on this blog is because I've been writing a book for my husband. He asked me to write a book to accompany his awesome hula girls art. He's an island artist who paints and draws anything from religious icons to nature to hula girls. He's mostly fond of anything to do with the islands. We do, in fact, live on an island.

The book is titled "Hula Girls - The Hula Art of DePaula". The book is accompanied by amazing hula girl paintings by the talented artist William De Paula, aka husband and father extraordinaire. The book is a hula dancing pin-up art book with all original artwork by him. In writing this book, I researched the history of hula and its place in Hawaiian and pop culture. It was inspired by our honeymoon visit to Kauai and Maui 15 years ago. The Hawaiian islands' magic and lore continue to enchant us.

Please check out our Kickstarter page and consider funding to help make publishing this book a reality and share with everyone you know (pretty please?). Any donation -of course - would be so much appreciated as well!

Thank you in advance for viewing our book and especially for your support.