Thursday, September 05, 2013

Fairchild Challenge 2012-2013 Awards Ceremony

As part of an environmental awareness program for schools and homeschoolers, Fairchild Botanical Gardens organizes Fairchild Challenge. Fairchild Challenge is comprised of a series of six challenges that schools complete, from art to writing. They are fun and educational. We were the only homeschoolers participating, and even though the other schools could choose the top three of each class, my kids won medals in three challenges! We didn't participate in the latter two challenges either. 

My middle daughter, 5, on stage as part of the acceptance of her owl mask award.
Here she is showing off the winning mask.
So proud of her!
Accepting her award for poetry, where she also won first prize.

My eldest won second in the category for the mask in his grade range - his was a snake mask.

It was a wonderful experience, and the kids learned to compete and I was very happy that they won - all by themselves. I was their coach, but they deserve all the credit.