Friday, January 27, 2012


Changed strategies again: oldest child is Builder, middle child is Ballerina, and youngest is Explorer. Let's see how long that lasts - hehe.

I've been building our years 4 and K. Ballerina is going to be starting K this Fall with me, and I'm excited. Builder will be in 4th (!) and his materials right now look somewhat like this:

Math Mammoth 4A and 4B
Intermediate Language Lessons
Galore Park Junior English Book 2
Writing With Ease 3 - Complete Writer
Sentence Composing for Elementary
Singapore MPH Science 3/4
BFSU 3-5/Elementary Science Education
History Odyssey: Early Modern
Science Smart- Geography Projects
Rosetta Stone Spanish and Spanish with Children Primer A
Poetry for Young People Series - Carroll and Longfellow

Feel free to comment - still want to add in Composer Study, Picture Study.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Essence of Happiness

While I was reading the Dalai Lama's condensed version of Happiness, I came across a few powerful realizations. First, I am responsible for my own happiness. Nobody else. Not even my spouse. Second, contentment has less to do with what you have than how you train yourself to be content with what you have. Being actively grateful is the antidote to feeling depressed. Another nugget of wisdom: the best use of your time? Serving others. At the least, go out of your way to avoid harming others.

Homeschooling is a service we offer our children, in addition to being their mother. I embrace and accept this servitude with dignity and joy. It is truly a privilege to be educating my children at home.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Indian Arts Festival

On December 28 our family visited the Miccosukee Indian Arts Festival. It's about two hours away from where we live, but it was worth the drive. Son was excited to meet Native Americans for the first time. We had been learning about them in American History, and he was familiar with a few tribes, customs, headdresses, etc. Daughter 1 was excited too, but because she knew about Indians through the movie Peter Pan and her brother relaying his interpretation of what he learned.

At the festival we saw an interesting man dance with rings. Son was one of the volunteers on stage to perform the complicated dance with rings. I wasn't sure he would go, but I encouraged him nevertheless. He was game, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Next we perused the wares they had at the marketplace. Mostly handcrafted items, they were not cheap but well made and worth the price. Son knew he wanted a bow and arrow, and Daughter 1 a doll.

Next we went to see the alligator wrestling show. Son was impressed, and that's saying something. It was neat to watch.

The museum area was very nice too, with authentic pots, jewelry, and tops used a long time ago. It also housed a great replica of an alligator and the history of the Seminoles.

Next we attended another show, this time with representatives from different tribes across North America, including Canada. Two men were wearing elaborate costumes with headdresses.. When they performed the fancy dance, I was sure their knees would hurt. It was fun to watch. My two older kids both went on stage this time, my four-year-old dancing just the way they showed her. She loves the stage. I want to post some pictures, although I can't guarantee it.

After that, Son tried climbing up a greased pole (no such luck or skill), and we wandered around taking pictures with a wigwam, bearskin, and some other interesting items from the Native American way of life.

Son got his bow and arrow, and Daughter 1 her doll. Daddy, the girls and I greatly enjoyed the fry bread.. Mmm.. Reminded me of the Caribbean Johnny Cake.

Daughter 2 was mostly in her Ergo with Daddy, and liked to see all that there was to see.

It was a fun and educational trip, and our third field trip of the school year.