Friday, January 27, 2012


Changed strategies again: oldest child is Builder, middle child is Ballerina, and youngest is Explorer. Let's see how long that lasts - hehe.

I've been building our years 4 and K. Ballerina is going to be starting K this Fall with me, and I'm excited. Builder will be in 4th (!) and his materials right now look somewhat like this:

Math Mammoth 4A and 4B
Intermediate Language Lessons
Galore Park Junior English Book 2
Writing With Ease 3 - Complete Writer
Sentence Composing for Elementary
Singapore MPH Science 3/4
BFSU 3-5/Elementary Science Education
History Odyssey: Early Modern
Science Smart- Geography Projects
Rosetta Stone Spanish and Spanish with Children Primer A
Poetry for Young People Series - Carroll and Longfellow

Feel free to comment - still want to add in Composer Study, Picture Study.

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