Saturday, October 04, 2008


We have been hit by colds lately. First it was dh, then son. A few weeks later daughter gets roseola. It's nothing serious, just a three-day fever and rash that disappears after three days, but I didn't get sleep for a week! Consequently, I came down with a cold and son caught it too. He's better than I am. I just feel really tired. 

I'm so glad we're homeschooling. If we miss school, say, in the morning, we can always do some in the afternoon or even read a book or two in the evening when Daddy's home. The flexibility is precious. Son would have had to miss at least 2 whole days of school, but instead we just did "lighter" days where he focused on his math, reading and phonics. He is only doing Kindergarten after all. He also likes to play Spanish on the computer with the Spanish immersion program, KidSpeak. 

Next week hopefully things will be back to normal and this head cold will just be a distant memory.  Off to rest some more and drink my fluids.

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