Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day of Planting

On Tuesday we went to our friend Summer's house and helped her plant seeds for her vegetable garden.  It was beautiful day, mid 70s, sunny day.  The children were happy to play right away. My friend has four children, and they get along great with Son and Daughter. One of her boys is Son's age and her little girl is only two months behind Daughter's age. Her other two are older, and delightful as well.  After playing and some lunch, we went to work. 

First my friend's eldest son divided the bed of dirt into sections. Each was going to be a vegetable. I helped with the cucumbers. I dug a fairly deep trench with the hoe, about 3 inches, and scattered the seeds every few inches apart. I hope they'll have cucumbers, as I'm not known for my green thumb. Cross my fingers!

Son proceeded to plant spinach seeds.  My friend showed him how to dig a shallower trench, and Son planted the seeds.  As soon as he was done it was off to play with his new friend, though.  At five what is more fun than playing with a new friend?

My friend's two oldest were diligently working on the garden and Daughter decided to help too. She helped plant sweet potatoes with my friend showing her how to dig in the earth, drop in the cut sweet potato piece and put dirt back over it.  She was so serious and concentrated.  She knew she was doing something important. Hopefully she'll like sweet potatoes now!

We had  a great time in the beautiful outdoors with our friends.  This has inspired me to finally start a few plants of our own.  I have Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots on my Christmas Wish List.  I have a feeling we will all benefit from being closer to nature and eating our own home-grown vegetables and herbs -- yummy!

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Laughing Lioness said...

It is so interesting to see your soil! Ours is almost black and the ground is frozen here! Hope you have a great season!