Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sponge Art

This Thursday I wasn't feeling so well so I wanted to organize activities that the kids could pretty much do on their own, with as little as possible supervision from me. After breaskfast and piano practice, I instituted sponge art. Yesterday my kind sister-in-law gave me a bag of shaped sponges in different colors. What a treasure. I knew the children would love creating and exploring shapes and colors with them. 

Daughter got creative right away and started stamping away in blue with a ladybug, heart, and dog shapes. I took off her shirt and told Son to take off his shirt to minimize the inevitable mess. It wasn't so bad. They are pretty clean kids (unless you put Daughter near a dirt pile!).

I gave Son an assignment. Since we finished our K Math for this year already, I wanted to take a short break before we started on MCP Math Level A. Level A's first few chapters are all a repetition and practice of Kindergarten Math, so I know I'm not going too fast with him. I think we're going to vary with Miquon as well to make it more tactile and fun. 

I told Son that he can pick any shape he likes and any color, but that he can make up his own problem, addition or subtraction. I wasn't going to be picky today. This is what he came up with: 

4+4= (then he proceeded to stamp eight stars)
2+2= (stamped four dolphins)
5+5= (then he proceeded to stamp elephants all around the paper).

I try not to be too fussy with the reversing of numbers, but this is hard for me. I made him correct his number 2 (who looked like an S to me).

I christened it "Math Art" and after two pages of his Phonics workbook and a Level 3 Reader titled Kirby's Circus, we called it a day. Daddy can read a chapter of A Bear Called Paddington to him tonight. This is what a Mommy Sick Day at our house looks like. Not bad. Daughter learned about shapes and colors and Son reinforced his knowledge as well as practiced his math in a low-key way. Below is Son's piece:

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