Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Months Later

It's hard to get back into a habit once you've fallen off the bandwagon for just a few short weeks. The few short weeks lingered well into a few short months. Whoops. I apologize.

We have been in fact, very busy. I noticed that my lifestyle includes healthy choices such as not smoking, not doing illicit drugs, being in a long-term monogamous relationship, eating pretty well and resting accordingly. The only missing link to a long life was exercise. More of a couch potato, I resolved to change my ways. My new goal for the year is to get fit.

Hence, I've been spending less time on the computer and more time in the outdoors. Husband helps me do regular walking, biking, playing tennis, and if anything else fails and we don't end up getting out of the house, as a last resort, Wii Fit. As soon as it gets warm enough, which won't be until 85 degrees or higher, I will go swimming as well. We also did a week of shoveling, which is what I call natural exercise.

As a result of a more active lifestyle, Son got more interested in biking. He's going much faster now and enjoys it. He's also taking tennis lessons from his Dad. 

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