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Story of the World Volume I: Supplementary Reading Schedule

For Kindergarten I didn't bother too much with schedules, as I just "did the next thing" for most and if not, well, flew by the seat of my pants. This year, however, it's schedule time. I have Story of the World Volume 1: The Ancients (SOTW1) and not as much scheduled it as put a sequence so I can just follow it. The Activity Guide is so helpful and comprehensive, I don't need much else except to tell my project manager (Husband) to get the necessary materials. Doing the sequence with the supplementary reading material this way leaves me with more freedom and flexibility, which is just the way I like it. 

Here's my supplementary reading sequence for SOTW 1, with markings denoting whether the book is available in our local library system (KL) or if it's only available through Interlibrary Loan. This way I can plan ahead and request the books I need. The rest of the books I own. Following this is easy, and keeps me on track and makes me feel accomplished as a teaching Mama. I have it all pretty in a column format on my computer, but for some reason couldn't post it as an image. Here it is in copy-paste format:

SOTW 1: Chapter,  Book Title

Ch. 1 The Earliest People                                   Little Grunt and the Big Egg KL R

Ch. 2 Egyptians Lived on The Nile River              Living Long Ago

Ch. 3 The First Writing                       Science in Ancient Mesopotamia

Ch. 4 The Old Kingdom of Egypt Mummies in the Morning (MTH)

Ch. 5 The First Sumerian Dictator Abou Hassan (Arabian Nights Story)

Ch. 6 The Jewish People The Coat of Many Colors KL

Ch. 7 Hammurabi and the Babylonians Abu Ali - Three Tales of the Middle East KL

Ch. 8 The Assyrians Gilgamesh the King

Ch. 9 The First Cities of India The Token Gift

Ch. 10 The Far East: Ancient China Day of the Dragon King (MTH)

Ch. 11 Ancient Africa Anansi and the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti KL

Ch. 12 The Middle Kingdom of Egypt Pharaohs and Pyramids KL

Ch. 13 The New Kingdom of Egypt Senefer, Young Genius in Old Egypt ILL

King Tut’s Mummy - Lost and Found R

Ch. 14 The Israelites Leave Egypt Bible Story: Moses

Ch 15 The Phoenicians The Phoenicians: Mysterious Sea People ILL

Ch. 16 The Return of Assyria The Seven Voyages of Sinbad (Arabian Nights Story)

Ch. 17 Babylon Takes Over Again! Camaralzaman and Badoud (Arabian Nights Story)

Ch. 18 Life in Early Crete Atlantis: The Legend of a Lost City KL

Ch. 19 The Early Greeks The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War

Ch. 20 Greece Gets Civilized Again The Librarian Who Measured the Earth KL

Ch. 21 The Medes and the Persians The Enchanted Horse (Arabian Nights Tale)

Ch. 22 Sparta and Athens The Twelve Labors of Hercules R

Ch. 23 The Greek Gods The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus Aliki KL

Ch. 24 The Wars of the Greeks Aesop’s Fables

Ch. 25 Alexander the Great The Great Alexander the Great KL

Ch. 26 The People of the Americas Maria and the Stars of Nazca ILL

Ch. 27 The Rise of Rome Romulus and Remus Anna Rockwell KL R

Detectives in Togas

Ch. 28 The Roman Empire Detectives in Togas

Ch. 29 Rome’s War with Carthage Detectives in Togas

Ch. 30 The Aryans of India Stories from India ILL

Ch. 31 The Mauryan Empire of India Stories from India ILL

Ch. 32 China: Writing and the Qin The Great Wall of China

Ancient China Treasure Chest

Ch. 33 Confucius The Empty Pot by Demi ILL

Ch. 34 The Rise of Julius Caesar Detectives in Togas

Ch. 35 Caesar The Hero Detectives in Togas

Ch. 36 The First Roman Prince Pompeii -- Buried Alive!

Ch. 37 The Beginning of Christianity The Bible: Jesus Born and Died

Ch. 38 End of Jewish Nation Annie’s Shabbat KL

Ch. 39 Rome and the Christians Vacation Under the Volcano (MTH)

Ch. 40 Rome Begins to Weaken The Beast of Lor ILL

Ch. 41 The Attacking Barbarians Living Long Ago

Ch. 42 The End of Rome Science in Ancient Rome

So far Son has enjoyed reading Little Grunt and the Big Egg. He needed help with a few words, but otherwise has done very well. 

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