Sunday, November 21, 2010

WEEKLY REPORT - Week 11 - November 15-19, 2010

If I could sum up our week in three words, I would say Clocks, Franks, and Flowers. Diva learned number 11 and letter K. Boy earned Cub Scouts belt loops in Reading and Writing, Horseback Riding, Bicycling, Nutrition, Flag Football, and Tennis. He got a prize too, and he was proud of his accomplishments.

In PLL, Boy did more copywork, which helped him practice sentence structure, syntax, penmanship, and grammar.

We're done with reviewing Tanglewood Phonics! I still believe we should continue some, so I'm thinking of buying Simply Phonics Book 3 by Shoelace Books.

We read pages 112 to 119 of Tales of King Arthur, and although it's disheartening to see Camelot torn apart by hatred and jealousy, it's still an exciting read. It's sad to see King Arthur pitted against Sir Lancelot.

On day 2 I read to him from Favorite Medieval Tales. As we were covering the Franks in our History studies, I read to him The Song of Roland. It was a sad story about a man of courage who died saving his people, which makes it timeless. Boy took it well, and listened in rapt.

SOTW Chapter 11: On day 1 we listened to Clovis, the Ex-Barbarian, discussed it, and Boy answered review questions. The second day we listened to Four Tribes, One Empire. We discussed again, and narrated and did mapwork.

New topic: Clocks! I have tried unsuccessfully to teach Boy clocks since he was three, but I think he's finally catching on. MM 1B p. 42-48 including computer games this week. Now Boy not only knows the time to the hour and half hour, but he's gaining an understanding of the concept of clocks, and how the minute hand goes around. I credit Maria Miller for doing a great job with explaining the concepts in a way children really understand. My Big Picture Boy really benefits from this.

No Geography this week. Waiting on Daddy to teach about surveying and finding your bearings. Too complicated now that I'm in my third trimester LOL

On day 1 we watched a Happy Scientist video (love him!). On day 2 we read Nature Smart and learned about Winter Wildflowers. On day 3 the kids went on a Nature Walk with Daddy and picked green flowers (I know, we didn't know that those were flowers). They came home and Boy sketched them and identified one, using the book Florida Keys Wildflowers as our guide. On day 4 Boy did the stickerbook again.

Boy finished Lesson 9 and went on to complete Lesson 10 in the remaining three days.

In Theology, I read Brothers Jealous of Joseph. I find Boy gets more of a background story and depth with these Bible stories. They are right up to his level of understanding.

Every day, either I read aloud or Boy read the poem "Buck In The Snow" by Edna St. Vincent Millay. It is a poem about death and its sudden tragedy. It's also about the majesty of nature.

We did Spanish twice a week this week. The kids watched Muzzy disc 4-5 a few times in one day, and Boy learned a lot. He's using vocabulary from the program. I reinforce and talk to him in Spanish during Spanish lessons. Now if I can only find those written exercises.. ugh.

This week we continued to learn about Giotto di Bondone, and found that his depictions were leaning more and more towards realism and conveying emotion than ever as he progressed.

We keep reading about Tchaikovsky, and learned that he used real cannons in his 1812 Overture. Boy enjoyed the piece tremendously (I searched it on YouTube). It was awesome! The Mike Venezia cartoon was hilarious.

This week Daddy printed out a favorite character of the show Ben 10, cut it in pieces, and had Boy draw each piece separately so he could concentrate on the shapes. Diva did the same thing. As usual, she loves

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