Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kindergarten, First Two Weeks

This is my second time around with Kindergarten, but boy, it couldn't be any different. Ballerina is a very different person, and this makes it fun and keeps things interesting. Whereas Builder was all energy and books and took to reading in a flash, Ballerina has a quiet demeanor and work ethic admirable in one so young. She excels in math so far, easily completing the challenges before her in her Miquon Math Orange Book.

That said, she has a restless mind. I need to keep her occupied. I gave her a "work box" (See Jane Work with butterflies) to keep all her extra materials such as play dough, fun workbooks (she enjoys these), painting supplies, and other independent items. She uses this box when she's done with school and I'm busy with my fourth grader. It has been working well so far.

Here is one of her play dough creations. When she runs out of ideas, I chime in. I said, what about a computer? This is a computer with her sitting beside it. Maybe she's trying to tell me something, ha. Sometimes inlet go on Starfall or PBS Kids, but I need to monitor her screen time.

It's fun teaching Kindergarten. I get to see the wonder in her eyes when she gets something and the joy when she reads a word.

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