Monday, October 15, 2012

Art: Al Fresco Fresco Painting

Husband works really hard, and although he always makes time to be with his family, I thought I'd help him out in his teaching capacity. He's our art teacher. In the past he's designed and led his own art program. However, I knew that this year and the next would be especially difficult as his workload has increased. After much consideration, I bought Artistic Pursuits K-3, Book 2. With this book we'd be able to have both children in one program. Builder is in 4th but artistically right with the book, and Ballerina is in K but advanced in her artistic abilities and interests. 

 A couple of weeks in, and I love the results. It's also much easier on Husband. All he has to do is read the material a day or two ahead, supplement any materials he doesn't have - he does have many things, as he is an artist himself - and voila. Ready to go. Here the kids are preparing the piece of cardboard with a type of stucco - wet plaster.
 Here is Builder, laying it on under Husband's supervision.
Ballerina: Me! Me! I want to do it! Builder: Will my hands get dirty?
Painting on top. Husband showing technique without actually drawing. They decided to go with a Halloween theme since it is October.
 I love art in the backyard. Detail of bird feeder.
 Result. It will look different when it dries.
Detail of cat and ghost. Children really got into it. I was delighted to see Builder, who normally tries to get art quickly over with, spent his time making sure it was the way he aspired it to be. 

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