Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Pets: Tadpoles

Not a very clear photo, but there is a tadpole here! A dozen shots later and this is the best photo I got. In a few weeks these little swimmers are expected to sprout legs and think themselves into frogs. We are all excited, but Nature Girl, 6, is beside herself. She even painted minuscule pictures to paste on the side of the bottle so the little creatures could enjoy some art :) I removed them for the picture, of course. It was hard enough to get a decent shot. We have four tadpoles, picked up from a park an hour away. Dreamer and Nature Girl scooped them up with pond water and algae for them to eat. At home we read the section on tadpoles in our book "Pets In A Jar" to make sure we had all our bases covered. I cross my fingers they will all survive!

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