Thursday, September 04, 2008


I pieced together our K curriculum for this year.  Pulling from different sources suggests we're eclectic, but in reality all our methods are Charlotte Mason.  Since son is only in Kindergarten, we won't be formally doing narrations yet, but nature walks, living books, short lessons, music and art are all de rigeur over here.  Son is a brandnew 5.

These are the curriculum materials we're using this year:






Natural Science:


Miscellaneous materials, as Dad is the art teacher

Music Appreciation:
Exposure to great music, movement and classical radio station

Piano Lessons:

It's not that expensive to put together, as all the books required in the Peak with Books curriculum I obtain from the library if I don't already own the item.  A few I have to obtain through Interlibrary Loan.  A little planning goes a long way in ensuring success.  I will be reporting how my first week (next week) is going.  

I was planning on starting this Monday, but with Hurricane Ike grazing too close by I may delay a few days and start on Wednesday and make up during the weekend.  I believe we're supposed to have mandatory evacuations tomorrow (sigh).  We'll just have to see.

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