Friday, June 26, 2009

Algebra the Easy Way

An Algebra Odyssey

As of late, I've been contemplating a lot. Yeah, and not blogging. Sorry! Our school year is actually one day away from being done, and we're going to visit Aruba in July! I'm excited. I haven't been in seven years, and my extended family don't even know my kids! What have I been contemplating? Life, revisiting my goals, looking at where I'm heading not only as a mother, but as a woman -- a person. All this in between all the stuff I have to do in "real life" with homeschooling, the kids, and managing time in general! Dh and I are probably done having children, and I would like to travel again. This time with the kids. We feel complete as a family, and there's so much to explore and learn! 

That said, I started thinking about going back to school and getting my graduate degree in Psychology, most likely in the area of Developmental Psychology. I need a better math background than I currently have, including an undergraduate class in inferential statistics. This got me thinking. I have never taken statistics, but I've never been great at algebra. Okay, that's an understatement. So I thought, Why not review Algebra? I'm an adult now, a mom, and I think I can work through some algebra problems in my own time. I wouldn't want to take my GRE until I know I'm ready to attend university, which won't be until the kids are older. With my homeschooling schedule, probably quite a bit older. However, I have this time to work slowly towards my goals, and I better not waste it.

I borrowed Algebra The Easy Way from the Library and I'm looking through it. I finally got the rules of fractions down! So simple, but I guess they perplexed and confused me as a child. Besides mathematics, I also want to read some Great Books for my own pleasure and education. I was happy to discover I have read a number of great works already, but not enough in English. I created a list of works from Ancient Times through Modern Times from the excellent book The Well Trained Mind.

First work on my list? Homer's The Odyssey. I snagged a free copy at the library and off I am! Some time I need to write how much I enjoy doing Miquon with Son. 

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