Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekly Report - November 7-10, 2011

This week we started with American History Stories Volume II (henceforth shortened to AHS II). It is exciting to learn about the causes of the American Revolution for perhaps the first time. As I'm not from the United States, going this in depth into American History is new to me. At the same time, it's elementary level, so easy to understand. Son and I really like Mara Pratt's AHS. The narrative is written directly to the reader, and although it's written at the child's level of understanding, it's most definitely not dumbed down. We listened to chapters 1 through 4, ending with the efforts of the Daughters of Liberty. At this point I just have Son listen to the story, and we discuss. This week we were wrapping up Struggle for A Continent. As AHS continues, we read a corresponding story either from The American Story (TAS) by Jennifer Armstrong, an extra book like the Maestros one, or do something from The Complete Book of US History (TCBUSH.

In Writing Son is doing very well with WWE 2, getting not only faster, but more accurate. In addition, with the help of PLL and VIE 3, understanding the reasons for the punctuation marks and other grammatical terms. Did I mention how glad I am to have the workbook?

For school reading, Son has been reading Ginger Pye. He didn't get into it right away, but now he likes it.  It's not as easy as The Magic Treehouse series or others, which he reads in less than an hour. I have him read meatier, harder material during school time, but intersperse it with lighter stuff, still good books. For fun, he's reading Elmer and The Dragon, which is again easy and light for fun. I'm careful not to kill his enjoyment of books by requiring only the more difficult material. He finished it within the week.

In Geography this week, Son started working on the Notebooking Pages Florida State Study. The idea is for him to work on one page each day about Florida. He researched facts such as the state flag, state flower, state bird, and tree, and wrote a few lines. He also colors the items. He's not so fond of coloring, but when I remind him that this is his Florida book, he doesn't balk and gets the work done better than he would have normally.

We started listening to Peter Pan, which has us all excited. No wonder people felt compelled to make this into a movie. What great prose. Definitely one to remember.

Son read Lear's Luminous Nose, did lots of measuring in Math (both inches and centimeters), found out some more about Benjamin Franklin in History by reading and watching a History Channel clip, tackled lessons 88 and 89 in PLL, practiced Spanish on Rosetta Stone, and got to know the artist Benjamin West and composer Brahms a bit better, and read about Abraham's unwavering faith through Catholic Faith Delivered.

In Science, he read much of a science fair project book to get ideas, and completed the section on Classifying Animals in Singapore MPH Science.

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