Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Report - October 31- November 4, 2011

It was fun to start the week with Halloween! I printed out five fun worksheets from Enchanted Learning where Son could write and spell painlessly. After all, it can be tough to spell ghoul when you're eight. He continued reading Ginger Pye, and Struggle for A Continent by the Maestros. For Science, all I had him do was research and take notes on Florida's Venomous Snakes, an oral presentation assignment I gave him. On Friday he presented his information, and I was pleasantly surprised. He likes to perform, and even wore a safari hat for the part. I recorded his presentation on my Flip, but I cannot find the wire to connect to the computer as of yet.

On Friday we also went online on a website called Amusement Park Physics since Son was inspired by a Phineas and Ferb episode to build his own roller coaster. Turns out he likes the crazy, imaginary stunts better than the real engineering skills required to build a roller coaster. Oh well, you learn something new every day.

Writing With Ease 2 has been a blessing. Although I would ideally pick and choose passages for narrations and selections for copywork, but the reality is that I have a very busy, just mobile, 9-month-old scooting around at lightning speed. I have a preschooler who needs physical and emotional attention. I have an 8-year-old who is very mobile and energetic, talkative, needs emotional attention, and needs constant reminding to pay attention - plus weekly explanations why we need to do schoolwork. And he's always hungry. Thank you, Susan Wise Bauer! You make it easy to practice writing, and practice writing well, in small doses every day.

This week we finished Treasure Island. It was exciting, and Son can't wait to start Peter Pan. has been another blessing. Being so busy with the baby, I can't always read aloud to him. I do do it once a day, but Librivox saves me the trouble to do it multiple times a day.

Looking through my notes, I find we totally ditched English this week. No worries, next week we'll continue full steam ahead. Son likes English grammar thus far, and we're on schedule to finish PLL this school year before starting Intermediate Language Lessons (ILL) in 4th.

History ended this week with an explanation of how the colonies grew united, in preparation for the causes of the revolution next week. I like Mara Pratt's American History Stories - they are interesting, well-written stories for boys and girls. They also have an old-fashioned charm that befits the subject matter. Listening to the narrative (thank you again, Librivox) is like reaching into History and having a person from that period, or at least a hundred odd years ago, tell you about it in their words, and from an American point of view. This week we finished Volume I, and the following week we'll be starting the a new book, Volume II. This one will be about the American Revolution.

In Math, Son ended with measuring. I have to remember to make it a point to drill math facts in the car. Not only does he enjoy it, but he's much faster than he used to be.

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