Monday, November 07, 2011

Weekly Report - October 24-28

I know I'm a bit late (ha!), but I wanted to include this weekly report before I posted last week's. I started changing my ways of recording the learning that happens at home. Writing notes seems to be quicker, and less painful. Having tried the time-consuming grid option, I was glad to see something that uses much less time and includes everything. I'm growing up in my homeschooling journey, it seems.

On Monday for History, Son narrated King Philip's War with great clarity and included names without any prompting. He normally has a harder time remembering names. Throughout the week, we discussed the French and Indian War, and learned about young George Washington's involvement. We started reading two-page spreads of the Maestro's Struggle for a Continent, in which Son is able to see the quest for power and wealth in connection with gaining a foothold in the new continent that was North America.

In Math, he practiced subtracting whole tens, rounding and estimating, and word problems. Math Mammoth is good for both of us. Ease of teaching, Son gets the concepts, multiple strategies, and we get the big picture. We're on 2B at the moment.

As he had requested to know more about Florida, we're reading Heinemann's Florida History in Geography. It seems like double History, but it keeps his interest and grounded in our state's affairs.

Son finished reading The Courage of Sarah Noble and narrated it accurately. Rather than start a whole other book close to the end of the week, I counted Roman Numerals and Magic Schoolbus- Exploring The Senses as Reading. He narrated both without prompting.

For fun, Son also completed an Enchanted Pumpkin Mini Book. It was a little bit of Science, Reading, Spelling, History, and Writing.

English had us do PLL, Copywork and Prepositions, VIE Subjects and we also did Madlibs.

Treasure Island for Literature is exciting as all the action is happening right now. Son finished listening to Chapter 28, "Captain Silver" on Friday.

All in all, our week has been hued with the coming of fall. For our region of the United States, this means happily slightly cooler temperatures than hot. Welcome, fall! Stay here as long as you can.

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