Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grocery store/Supermarket field trip

A few weeks ago we joined the local playgroup in visiting Publix. We all got fashionable hairnets first before heading to the bakery. There we saw cakes being decorated, felt some cool bread dough between our fingers, tasted a cookie, and gawked at the enormous ovens.

Next stop was the produce department where we stepped into the giant refrigerator (c-c-cold..!) and saw a lady cutting pineapple chunks, preparing fruit bowls.

The children loved the seafood department, where a lobster waved hi to them (the seafood guy picked him up and touched him just so he could greet us with his big claw).

They got a quick tour of the meat department and were whisked away to the deli, where we tasted some popcorn chicken and tried some Boars Head ham. Yum.

By the cards the children each got balloons and a goodie bag with a puréed fruit pouch, a banana, a coloring book, crayons, and stickers. They all had a great time.

Thanks to the friendly folks at Publix who made this a memorable and educational day!

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