Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Charlotte Mason Thought of Children

Charlotte Mason was neither idealistic or negative in her view of children. Her view of children is that children are born persons. They are neither good or bad, but the potential to be either good or bad. In this way, nurture plays an important role in helping to develop the character of the child.

How does the educational system at large view children? As persons, or products? As blank slates waiting to be filled, or human beings already born with a great capacity to learn? Children are by no means born already completely ready to grow without any help at all. They are, however, persons. needing the tools, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve a great level of education, and, a meaningful life. As I reread Charlotte Mason's Home Education, I realize not only how right she was, but how the nature vs. nurture debate is moot. Children are both born with a certain nature but need careful nurturing to reach their full potential as adults.

Here's a video, put out by, that elaborates on what I'm talking about. When we cease to think of children as products, we will cease to put them through a system. Education is about methods, demands of us individualized care, attention, and nurture consistently, over a long period of time. The toughest job one may have, but the most important job one may ever hope to have.

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