Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Beast is here!

Although Math Mammoth is going well - we're on 3B - I had a hunch that Beast Academy would be fun for Builder to read after school. Builder loves comic books, and the samples of this unique presentation were promising. In addition, I hoped it would underline the relevance and importance of mathematics and how it can be enjoyable.

I had him preview the 3B and 3C samples online and he begged to keep reading! Builder tolerates math, and finds some math topics interesting, but just mildly. This was new.

He read all the samples available, and I ordered just the 3B guidebook. I was tempted to get 3C as well, but I really wanted to see if he would read and understand it.

About a week later it came in, all shiny and glossy and high quality. Here he is, devouring it.

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Lexi said...

Oh I can't wait until my kids are a little older and can use Beast Academy. I think we're going to have to add that one in as an extra when my oldest is ready. It looks so wonderful! You'll have to blog about how you like it and how it's working for you. It's on my wishlist!!!